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EX-9 Exhumer Nail Puller
Death Stick
The fact that the manufacturer's name is "Death Stick" would be enough to make this a worthwhile purchase. The fact that the tool is so terrifyingly effective-looking makes it all the more critical that you hang this over your white board at work.
Uniden BC895XLT 300-Channel TrunkTracker ScannerWhen I was 16, I got my ham radio license. I quickly learned that the problem with ham radio is that all ham radio operators talk about is ham radio, and while the wacky ironic metaphysics are fascinating, I soon lost interest and began listening to cops, ambulances, cordless phones, baby monitors, and business-band radio. It's truly fascinating to experience the depth and breadth of profanity and perversity that's endlessly bombarding your brain and gonads in the form of VHF and UHF 2-way radio. This scanner is a "trunktracker", which means it can follow a particular conversation across multiple frequencies, a system used by police and emergency services. I'd have given my aforementioned gonads to have had this thing during the WTO riots in Seattle.
TMF1 Ultimate Demolition Battle Axe
This is exactly what the name would lead you to believe: an axe which is apparently designed for close-quarters combat and/or breaking stuff. Check out the closeup photo. I think I'm in love. See also 36" Wrecking Bar and 20lb Hickory-shaft Sledgehammer.
Palm IIIx
Palm V
Here's the breakdown: if you don't need more than 2MB of RAM, the Palm V is sexier, but the IIIx comes with 4MB (can be upgraded with excitingly dodgy-looking 8MB boards) and features the same improved screen design as the V. If you're one of those who's not so worried about the whole cash flow thing, the Palm Vx will put a lock on your right to claim technological superiority over the other kids at school.
The Wave
This is my favorite multi-tool, mostly because the handles don't sever every tendon in your hand when you use the pliers.
Garmin GPS III Plus Personal Navigator
How to tell if someone is a geek: Show them a GPS receiver.
Yeah, that one's pretty nice. 'Course, I bought a military unit at a hamfest that resolves to a couple feet.
But... what's it FOR?
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