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Thump thump thump! Ich bin ein Fallhammer fur Ihre Liebe! NEIN! Beep!
The Matrix
Excellent album for late nights at the office. My favorite track would have to be a sweet little ballad entitled "Clubbed to Death".

Massive Attack
Remember the part at the beginning of The Matrix, where Neo is slumped over his desk waiting for the plot to thicken? He's listening to Mezzanine, which astute reader Dave Moore says "sounds exactly the way Matrix looks". This is called synaesthesia. I have now justified my English degree.
Run Lola Run
Throbbing German Techno. My favorite cut is "Wish (Komm zu Mir)", which has all the critical elements of Throbbing German Techno: Menacing grinding sounds, a gratuitous use of heavily-accented English, and an asthmatic German moaning frantically about his girlfriend. Chills, I tell ya.
Silly, yet true. Catchy, yet original. Dorky, yet compelling.
Apollo 18
They Might Be Giants
I knew a guy in high school who was one of those TMBG fans who referred to "the Johns" in this casual way like they hung out together on weeknights drinking Diet Sprite and lighting each other's farts. I meekly mentioned that I really liked Flood and Apollo 18, but had never heard anything else, and he rolled his eyes in a "Lord, give me strength" kind of way and told me how totally typical that was. At the time I felt kind of lame for liking the wrong things. Now he works in a donut shop that used to be a Dunkin' Donuts but had lost its franchise status and changed its name to Funtime Donuts but still used all the same Dunkin' Donuts napkins and Dunkin' Donuts boxes and Dunkin' Donuts wax paper. Be that as it may, I would like to take this opportunity to write an open letter to that guy.

Dear Curt,
Much has transpired since last we conversed. I've moved to Seattle and am currently enjoying a rewarding career as a Unix systems administrator. I live in a Victorian mansion at the crest of a hill in a beautiful part of the city. I have a beautiful girlfriend with whom I am developing quite a passionate relationship. Ah, well, I do prattle on. I must be off, but in closing I'd just like to say: Bite me, you weasel-faced turd.

That was so cathartic. I feel cleansed.

They Might Be Giants
This is my favorite TMBG album. It's more fun than a mustard fight. It's juicier than a gravy eclair. It's cooler than bionic nipples. And it has "Birdhouse In Your Soul" on it. If you're ever feeling depressed, just listen to the following songs:

Complicated (Electrique Plummagram, Poi Dog Pondering)
Birdhouse In Your Soul (Flood, TMBG)
Don't Worry, Be Happy (Simple Pleasures, Bobby McFerrin)

You MUST listen to them in this order. If you listened to "Don't Worry, Be Happy" while seriously depressed, your body could go into anaphylactic shock just like on X-Files.

Running With Scissors
"Weird Al" Yankovic
I'd completely forgotten about Weird Al until this album came out. "It's All About The Pentiums" has an unusually high clue quotient; the line "You've got your own newsgroup:" comes to mind. My favorite track is "Albuquerque", 11 minutes of kinetic rant.
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