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Dark horizons, naked flesh, and lots of blinking lights.
The Fifth ElementI really like this movie. I saw it four times in the theater. Milla Jovovich's breasts did a fantastic job in this movie. I'd have to say that although her left breast was quite stunning in its role as Leeloo's left breast, her right was truly spectacular in its breathtaking portrayal of Leeloo's right breast. My favorite part was the scene in which you can see Leeloo's nipples through her clothes -- no, it's true! If you look closely, you can make out the outline of both of her nipples, starting in the part where she's wearing what appears to be a length of unwaxed dental floss and continuing through the end of the film. I sometimes see her nipples for several hours afterwards, too. When I have a child I will name it Milla Jovovich's Right Nipple Feen regardless of gender. Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman and that one guy are in the movie too.
The City of Lost Children
Oh, man, what a great film. Like a blend of Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton. And it's in French, too, which somehow makes it even more effective. I once rented it to watch with a girlfriend and after twenty minutes she said, "Is it going to get interesting soon?" I knew then that it was over between us.
The Dark Crystal
The best kids' movies are the ones you watch as an adult and think, "They let KIDS watch this?"
Blade Runner: Director's CutThe streets are a confused tangle of nameless noodle stalls and high-tech research firms. Junkies and whores skulk in the shadows of the glittering obelisks of corporate arcologies. A constant acid drizzle drips from dead silver skies. Yep, working in downtown Seattle can really suck sometimes. Okay. Anyhow. Blade Runner. Good flick. The Director's Cut, you recall, is the version that DOESN'T make you want to puncture your eardrums to escape the narration Harrison Ford was coerced into providing. I'd like to know who wrote that bit so I could take his crayons away and whack his smackaddled noggin with a ratchet handle until his writing improved.
Brazil: Criterion CollectionAlienation, paranoia, and a case of mistaken identities are just a few of the highlights of this madcap romp through Jolly Ol' England! Unlike most DVDs, where the "Special Feature!" is a booty shot of Christina Ricci, the Brazil Criterion Collection is a three-disc set with lots of commentary, interviews, and extra material, plus a documentary on the ruckus the film caused in production.
The MatrixPeople are buying DVD players just so they can watch this movie. I know a guy who bought a Lincoln Continental just because it was in this movie.
Monty Python and the Holy GrailIf you dropped this movie, a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide, and a bottle of Mountain Dew into the heart of the rainforest, you'd return the following summer to find the Yanomamo playing Magic: The Gathering, running a successful ISP, and screaming "NI!" at random intervals.
Monty Python's the Meaning of LifeContains the most incredibly disgusting scene ever featured in any mass-market film. Yay!

Real GeniusThe most accurate portrayal of geeks in the wild I've ever seen. The geeks in Real Genius LOOK, ACT and TALK like geeks. And Jordan gave me hope that I'd someday -- just maybe -- kiss a girl on the lips.

Visual Meth
Run Lola RunThis film strikes a chord with me; I've seen it three times, and each time I find myself more engaged. And it has Throbbing German Techno in it!

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