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The Wave
The Wave has an organic curvaceousness that implies that the next version will be installed in place of your dreadfully fragile and inelegant thumb and index finger. For now, though, a Leatherman carried on the belt is like a form of power-assist exoskeleton. Who wouldn't want one of those? The instant you put The Wave on your belt, the list of ACTIONS I CAN PERFORM RIGHT NOW grows from BREATHE, SPIT, and FANTASIZE ABOUT [GILLIAN ANDERSON and/or DAVID DUCHOVNY] to include SNIP THROUGH STEEL WIRE, SAW THROUGH A 2X4 and SLICE THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF MY THUMB. Wearing a Leatherman is a sign that you've evolved. It's like we've added a new stage in the development of homo sapiens. Cower before me, you dung-flinging primates! I can unscrew stuff!
Anything even vaguely related to Darth MaulAdmit it. You wish YOU were as snark-farkingly HARD CORE as Darth Maul. I'm no different. Man, I'd just go around growling and bisecting people when they cut in line or made fun of my head. And I recently learned that the marks on his face are tattoos and not an embarrassing birthmark. That's so hard core.

You basically can't go wrong buying anything here for anyone. You could buy a Darth Maul action figure for everyone on your list and avoid all that tedious "finding the right gift" headache. And don't feel guilty if you do. Just ask yourself: WWDMD?

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